B2B Platform

The B2B application is an online travel booking application with a pre-loaded limit based on cash deposit or a Bank Guarantee made in favor of Bahwan Travel Agencies LLC.

  • Airline inventory of online and offline carriers available through GDS and other online suppliers and aggregators.
  • LCC content available.
  • A wide range of dynamic hotel properties available to choose from at attractive rates.
  • 2000+ holiday packages currently updated to the system. New ones are added on regular bases.
  • Booking, ticketing, enquiry and service queues inbuilt in the tool will never let you lose out on your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products can be sold using the B2B tool?

Flights, Hotels, Flight+Hotel, Insurance, Car, Sightseeing, Transfers, Insurance, Holidays.

Does the system work during some specific time?

24 / 7 online access to the tool. Access available through your mobile phone/Tab as well.

Are the supplier’s local or Global?

Access to the Inventory of multiple travel suppliers both Global and Local.

Will I have my company logo and branding on the tool and the documents I issue?

Customized with you company details and logo. Tool will have agency branding, all documents issued will bear company logo and details

Can I add markup or pass discounts? Can I add markup’s on quotations?

Yes, tool has Capability of including your agency service fee and mark up and discounts.

How much time does it take to get my discount amount credited? How do I check my profits?

Airline discounts are mastered against your account and are instantly credited as soon as the ticket/service is issued. Any other services other than flights are non-commissionable to the agency and are Net.

How do I pay to Bahwan Travels to maintain my account balance?

Cash limits – Easy to access available limit and credit account online through Bank Transfer , credit or debit cards.

How do I ensure I offer services to customer during wee hours like cancellation, voiding?

Cancellation, voiding or adding segments of air tickets can be done using the tool.

Can I see my client details and save them somewhere?

Yes, Client management- Now save your client details and check their booking history.

Can I check my account and see my sale ledger’s to match and tally?

Yes, you can access your accounts and ledger on real time basis anytime and anywhere.

I have multiple branches, how to I monitor each branch and its staff separately?

Yes, Branch creation- Create your branch office within the tool and assign users for each branch, monitor individual performances and targets.

I want to give limited access to my various staff, can I do that?

Yes, Define access rules to your staff depending upon their roles in the organization and keep the systems secure as much as you want.

Contact Information

Shop NBR 1 Majan House Next to Muscat Insurance or HSBC P O Box-3008 PC-12
+968 24990100/24990107,
+968 71500901 (Jahfar),
+968 92171731(Mohamed),
+968 +92546259 (Pradeep)